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Anne M.

Mindi has helped me out with my home and also with a historical home renovation that we use for a short-term rental.  What I love about Mindi is that she works with what you have.  She will recommend purchasing a few key pieces and will come in and rearrange and add a few accessories and it feels like a brand new room!  With the historical home she used our antiques but added some modern pieces with a vintage style to go along with the time period of the home.   I really like the look of old and new so Mindi was a perfect fit for me!

Michelle D.

Mindi is a fabulous designer! She has decorated every room in my house and I am amazed every time I see her work. She adds personal touches to every space and her anility to make each room feel so inviting is unmatched! 

Anna P.

Mindi has been an excellent addition to my home decor projects, as she has worked on two different houses for me. One of the things I love about Mindi is her unique talent for taking what you already have in your home and finding ways to creatively move it around or replace it with something new to create a fresh and inviting look.


She has an impeccable eye for design and placement, and she knows just how to make everything in your home pop. Mindi understands the importance of balance and harmony in a space, and she is able to achieve this by making subtle changes or adding a few new pieces to create a cohesive and stylish look.


In addition to her design skills, Mindi is also a great communicator and listener. She takes the time to understand your personal style and preferences, so she can create a space that is tailored specifically to your needs and tastes.


Overall, I highly recommend Mindi for any home decor project. Her ability to work with what you already have, coupled with her design expertise and exceptional communication skills, make her a valuable asset to any home improvement project

Sue N.

Mindi invested several hours just looking at family treasures, discovering what was important to me, and helping to draw out those things that brought comfort...  She introduced greenery to dead space and textiles, pillows and color that complemented the classic architecture.  Mindi helped me to see classic French themes, hounds, horses and family images.  She helped me establish joy and familiar sentiment in my new space. 

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