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Mindi McGinnis Coffey, Designer

"I strive to source and curate a collection of antique, vintage, and new pieces that will bring the client's vision  to life, making their house a place they will cherish and call home for many years to come."

Meet Mindi

Mindi, born and raised in Kentucky, has always loved sprucing up her home and those of her friends, not only for seasonal updates, but just for fun as well. After her friends' encouragements, she decided to make her "love for the home" a business endeavor. While her two oldest sons were in college and the youngest a senior in high school, she couldn't pass up a great opportunity to work with Kentucky interior designer, Liza Joyner (whom she still collaborates with today).


Liza's influence of "working in the new with the old" has proven timeless. Mindi's goal is to not only use this approach, but add in family heirlooms that represent the client's heritage, which gives the home a sense of nostalgia and comfort.

This approach, along with listening to the clients' wants and needs, is what makes Mindi's designs not only comfortable, cozy, and warm, but also timeless... a place the client will want to call home forever.

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